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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Dirty Psychiatist Hired By The Law Society Of British Columbia

The thugs connected to British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell attacked and destroyed Karl Eisbrenner, an innocent man who was doing his job, as a lawyer, to defend the helpless, the weak and the old. 

In the process, these thugs, gangsters, and goons destroyed a brilliant but weakened man who was recovering from a major brain injury that he had suffered in a motor vehicle accident few years earlier.

After the accident, Karl Eisbrenner was told his career was over but, instead of accepting the doctors prescription, Karl Eisbrenner struggled to regain his mental capacity by re-programming his brain in every conceivable way that he could.  

As a result, Karl Eisbrenner had one of the most complete medial records available covering the last 15 years of his life.  He visited psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental therapists and not one of them disgnosed him as "delusionsal".  Yes, Karl Eisbrenner had issues.  Sometimes his thinking was muddled but he was recovering and, eventually, he recovered sufficiently that the Law Society of British Columbia permitted him to return to private law practice where his career brought him into conflict with Gordon Campbell, Rick Thorpe and Bill Barisoff.

At the request of agents of Gordon Campbell, Rick Thorpe and Bill Barisoff, the Law Society of British Columbia singled out Karl Eisbrenner for attack.  The Law Society held a first hearing in March 2002 and he was cleared so the Law Society sent out agents to dig up any dirt on him they could find and when they found a few muddled incidents that took place in 1996, almost six years earlier when he was not yet recovered from the accident, they twisted those facts against him to label him a crook

Although labelling him a crook was enough to destroy Karl Eisbrenner's professional career, it wasn't enough to destroy the excellent legal case he had prepared for his clients that he was moving through the courts so successfully to the shock and dismay of the legal / judicial mafia in British Columbia that were desparate to elect Gordon Campbell and his gang. 

So, the Law Society of British Columbia tricked Karl Eisbrenner by presuading him to agree to undergo a second psychiatric assessment, in addition to the assessment that cleared him for return to law practice a few years earlier.

The Law Society psychiatrist, Dr. Jeanette Smith of Vancouver, British Columbia, then destroyed Karl Eisbrenner's clients, and their only hope of ever obtaining justice, by labelling Karl Eisbrenner to suffer from a "delusional disorder" that was specific to the case his clients' case.  It was a dirty trick and it worked.  No other doctor or medial professional throughout the whole process of his recovery from the accident had labelled him "delusional" except Dr. Jeanette Smith hiredd by the dirty underhanded staff at Law Society of British Columbia that wanted to destroy an honest lawyer who would not play along with their corruption.

Dr. Jeanette Smith never interviewed one witness, never read one affidavit and never studied any of the legal arguments. However, with out examining any of the facts of the case to determine if they were real, she labelled the lawyer as "delusional" and dismissed those facts as unreal.

To add insult to injury, the crooked Dr. Jeanette Smith was so perverted that she phoned Mr. Eisbrenner's wife and tried to presuade her to give defamatory evidence against Mr. Eisbrenner.  Although they had separated, Mr. Eisbrenner's wife was a decent lady who refused to play the dirty game of perverted psychiatry that Dr. Jeanette Smith was embarked upon at the behest of the criminal gang operating inside the corrupt Law Society of British Columbia.

The opinion of Dr. Jeanette Smith opinion was nonsense, it our opinion it was fraudulent, it was a breach of the fundamental rule of medical ethics - "physician do no harm" - but it accomplished its purpose. 

Karl Esibrenner was disbarred, his allegations and his clients case were discredited.

Already a wounded man, from the motor vehicle accident he had sustained a few years earlier, Karl now found himself without a means of earning a living, without any income, and he was reduced to poverty.  The fraudulent defamatory findings of the Law Society Committee against him broke his will to live, he prayed for an early death and, a few years later, his car went off the road outside Osyoos, in south central British Columbia, and Karl Esibrenner was dead.

Dr. Jeanette Smith is now a prominent Vancouver area psychiatrist working for the province of British Columbia making money, at taxpayers expense, after she advanced her career by destroying an innocent man who was doing good work as an honest lawyer helping the old and the weak.