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Friday, June 23, 2017

Karma - Karl Eisbrenner and Master Peter Keighley

We are posting this to explain how the law of karma works and its consequences for Peter Keighley who was part of the Law Society panel that wrongfully disbarred and, in practical terms, murdered Karl Eisbrenner

According to our recent research, shortly after he  participated in the fraudulent disbarring of Karl Eisbrenner, Peter Keighley was in a major motor vehicle accident that nearly killed him and which did permanently impair his health.

The Law Society of British Columbia disbarred Karl Eisbrenner by relying on what the editors believe was a fraudulent and carefully crafted report of psychiatrist Dr. Jeanette Smith. 

The Law Society of British Columbia needed a psychiatric opinion to destroy, Karl Eisbrenner, so it hired Dr. Jeanette Smith who gave a medical opinion that Karl Eisbrenner suffered from a "delusional disorder" that was specific to the lawsuit where he was retained to act for 188 senior citizen residents of the Country Pines Mobile Homes Park near Oliver, British Columbia and that was threatening the career of several political up and comers.  So, according to Jeanette, Karl was sane about everything else but only insane about this lawsuit which served the Law Society purposes and those of soon-to-be-Premier Gordon Campbell and his "political gang".

Dr. Smith did not interview a single witness and she did not examine a single affidavit filed in the court proceedings, but, she determined that the lawyer, Karl, who was relying on the evidence of the witnesses and the contents of the affidavits was delusional. In essence, Dr. Smith was making a finding that the witnesses were mistaken and the affidavits were false when she had never spoken to any of the witnesses or checked any of the facts referred to in the affidavit.

After his death, a friend of Karl Eisbrenner filed a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons for British Columbia about the obviously incompetent opinion rendered by Dr. Smith.

The College determined that Dr. Smith did no wrong because she was acting on the advice of the lawyers at the Law Society who had hired her.

 Dr. Jeanette Smith contributed to the destruction of Karl Eisbrenner just as certainly as if she had injected poison into his veins.

A gentleman to the end, Karl Eisbrenner never harboured any hard feelings towards the woman who assisted to destroy him. He always maintanined that she was only following the orders of others and, in that respect, Karl Eisbrenner was, most probably, not delusional.

However, all of the facts about the totally inadequate report of Dr Smith were made plainly evident at the hearing before Peter Keighley and his colleagues Gordon Turiff and Brian Zacks who were the Law Society panel conducting an inquiry into whether or not Karl Eisbrenner should be disbarred.  .

It is the Editors opinion that the hearing was rigged from the beginning and Keighley knew exactly what was going on. 

So, a few months later God decided that Keighley should be taught a lesson and he put him in a  serious car accident that nearly killed him.

Unfortunately, Keighley has not learned his lesson and he continues to inflict injustice from his perch within the administration of justice where he preys upon his victims the latest ones being John English and his family in a case where Keighley, sitting as a Master of the Court, assisted out-of-control lawyer Greg Harney obtain a false judgment of over $200,000 against John English and his family companies.

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